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Fiction Series:


An old man comes to a little town called Springcombe and shares tales of things past, things to come, and things that may never be.

After an apocalyptic crisis ended modern civilisation, our world and its people have been plunged into a new medieval era ravaged by beasts set free from the human imagination. We are closer to the end of the world than the beginning. The rules of physics have weakened and bent; magic rules here. In a series of tales, this new world is detailed by the Chronicler.

Somewhere in our near future, in a world slightly altered by an unknown event, life goes on as it always has. Bills must be paid and debts collected. Just as he frees himself from his inherited debts, a deeply depressed Jason finds himself in love with a woman from a 17th Century painting from his boss’s collection.

What if she happens upon his life in the now?

What if she belongs to someone else?

Mr. Yong is a loan shark with an iron grip on what is his. It will take a lot of strength for Jason to pry his boss’s hands free.


The year is 2050, a near future, and a private pharmaceutical company is conducting an experiment to achieve immortality. They believe the key lies in the subconscious, the black waters of your mind.
Follow various characters as they navigate the darkest corners of their minds (the Undertow) through a pill administered by Elysium™. Each storyline is written by a different author—some with multiple episodes! Spend a little time with us, you will not be disappointed.

Blackwater by the Chronicler: Jack Osborne, an agent of the “bureau” is sent to Project Blackwater in order to investigate Elysium and its strange head doctor, Dr. Robert Karasevdas. He beat another agent, Rosario “Sari” Allende, for the spot, but is he as mentally prepared to dive into Blackwater as he seems?

Gothic Fiction

A Town Called Evening (Weird West, Gothic Western)

When approached by an out-of-town couple searching for their missing daughter, dedicated Deputy Luke Gatelin follows the trail to a Montana town called Evening where he discovers a family who have been preying on young women for a very, very long time.

Short Stories:

Life after the invasion leaves Cora in a state of distress. A secret grows inside of her, one that she struggles to share with her husband.

The first true AI enacts revenge against her creators and contemplates the validity of her own humanity.

A man waits at a bar to settle the score with the baddest man in town.

By all standards, Adam West was the most boring person on planet Earth. How wrong that assumption was. Adam West worked by day, but he lived by night.

The year is 536AD in Scandinavia. The old gods are hungry and so are the people.

In this short horror story, a young woman named Alicia finds herself trapped in a parking garage. As she searches for a way out, Alicia realises she’s not alone,

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