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Welcome to my little shop!

Commission status: open

Hello one and all! Welcome to M.E. Beckley’s little shop of Substack cover design. You want to take your serials to the next level? Look no further.

My portfolio:

For a post full of elements, you can check out section dividers and post here

Happy customers:

@themanbehindthescreen and @scoot


  • Cover art - $15

  • Section Dividers (transparent) - $8

  • Email Banner - $15

  • “Total Package” (cover art, banner, section dividers, episode names/numbers, and a single customized quote-preview) - $30

prices will change March 1st, 2024

* Please note *

  • Orders take 3-5 business days from day of order confirmation. For “the total package” it will take 5-7 business days.

    • For 24hr turn around: +$15

  • At least two revisions are included!

  • For extra images: +$5/per image

  • To avoid an overwhelming volume of orders, I ask that you send an inquiry so that I can be sure I’m available!

You can contact me for orders and/or questions at: