A Town Called Evening

Neo-Gothic Western, fiction

West of Pondera and crushed beneath Glacier County was a place; neither here nor there, just outside of any county jurisdiction. It was a town unto itself, so to speak: a town called Evening.

Commissioned art, motion graphics by Ji-Seon Lee
Musical Artist: Nick Joyce
Track: This Is My Town (2019)
Nick Joyce © Copyright ℗ Nick Joyce

When approached by an out-of-town couple searching for their missing daughter, dedicated Deputy Luke Gatelin follows the trail to a Montana town called Evening where he discovers a family who have been preying on young women for a very, very long time. 
  1. From out of the Snow

  2. The Girl’s Gone Missing

  3. Visiting Evening

  4. The Ascent

  5. ‘Wolf Problems’

  6. Don’t Turn off the Light

  7. By the Light of the Fire

  8. Home to Rackham

  9. Before the Gate

  10. Finale Part I: As Though in Death

  11. Finale Part II: The Last Shootout in Evening

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