The Blackwater Files


Welcome to Elysium™. We are so glad you decided join us!

Death is inevitable. For all of human-history, mankind has sought to elude it. Immortality was believed unattainable. Here at Elysium, we believe the future is now and from this moment you’re part of that journey. The knowledge gained through your participation is invaluable.

As long as the world needs us, we will never sleep.

-the Elysium team

Welcome to the Blackwater project. The year is 2050, a near future, and a private pharmaceutical company is conducting an experiment to achieve immortality. They believe the key lies in the subconscious, the black waters of your mind.

Follow various characters as they navigate the darkest corners of their minds (the Undertow) through a pill administered by Elysium™. Each storyline is written by a different author—some with multiple episodes! Spend a little time with us, you will not be disappointed.


-M.E. Beckley (The Chronicler)

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  • Derek wakes up in a dirty motel room and so begins a desperate bid for survival.


The Trials of Astra (and other short stories)
Project Blackwater: Reject the null
Hi friends, so sorry for this late Monday night post, but oh my goodness, I read the new joint story concept byThe Chroniclercalled Project Blackwater and I could not pass up contributing or ignore my inspiration tonight. Here is the original post: I cannot wait to see what everyone else does for this, but in the meantime, check out what else the Substack community h…
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Ferns of Columbo
Opening your eyes, a lime and rose velour banquette stretches and curves across a great room, looping around thick plastered pillars like a Möbius strip. Probably designed to keep us off balance you think, feeling unorientable. Sitting down slowly with strange intention, you wonder if it's really…
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  • Henry Prouse/Tracey Shields: A killer on death row is offered the opportunity to participate in Elysium’s trial, his counsel bears witness.


Like A Fish In Black Water
This is my submission for The Chronicler’s joint-world project, The Blackwater Files. Numerous highly talented writers have contributed to the lore—and honestly, I haven’t read ANY of them. That’s a real shame for me because the hype around them has been extraordinary. Now that I’ve written something—I think I will be more at ease to read the other entries. Click the…
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Simian Fiction
Smoke Break - I
The Chronicler has devised another collaborative project for authors on Substack to dabble with, and I couldn’t be more grateful. These things are a lot of fun. Rather than a paranormal entity, this time, it is… you know what? I’ll let the other works speak for themselves…
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  • Anna, suffering from retrograde amnesia, signs up for a dream study administered by the mysterious company, Elysium. She hopes it will help her regain her memories. But everything comes with a price…”


    Part I

    Part II

The Forgotten Library
The Cost of Memory: Part One
I’m taking part in The Blackwater Files joint project started by The Chronicler ! The fun thing about this is that I’m just writing, cleaning up a little, and then posting. I want to have fun with this and see where it takes me. How many parts will this be? I dunno, dude. I just work here…
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  • “Ronald Everson finally found that which would alter his life forever. But then the memory was lost. A stroke of luck brought him to the Elysium facility, would he be able to find it once more?”


The Story Genie
The Blackwater Files: Saved Memory
Ronald Everson finally found that which would alter his life forever. But then the memory was lost. A stroke of luck brought him to the Elysium facility, would he be able to find it once more? Check out the first Blackwater Files story from The Chronicler…
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  • A telepath visits Elysium and dives into the Blackwater project, resulting in something awakening.


Michael’s Musings
Audrey Awakens
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Michael’s Musings
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Naptime Novelist
Blackwater Files: Compulsion
This is my addition to the Blackwater Files lore! You can find the post that started it all here…
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Tales of Calamity and Triumph
Blackwater Files: The Immortal Keith Clinton
This is the first of a two-part entry into the community wide collaborative sci-fi Project Blackwater by The Chronicler. Part 2 will be out later this week! “Take a good look, Doctor. I’ve been like this for over fifty years, yet I haven’t aged one day…
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The Casual Writer
The Blackwater Files: Part 1 - Falling Asleep
I’m throwing my hat in for another writing project! Our good friend, The Chronicler, encouraged me to take on The Blackwater Files. The premise got me thinking about who would make an interesting patient for this kind of study. What if someone experiencing insomnia were to apply? What lies behind her insomnia…
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  • JORDAN ADHIKARY: “This first-hand report details the origins of the delivery agents used to transmit [REDACTED] directly into cell DNA via RNA manipulation.”


Adam's Apple Part I
Hello and Welcome to Realms, a sci-fi and fantasy newsletter. I’m Zach, the writer and narrator for today’s story. Subscribe today to escape to new worlds every month. Today’s story is special. It’s part I of III and my first serialized story. It’s also the first collaboration with another Substack. This story exists in the realm of The Blackwater Files, started by…
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